2 min readJan 7, 2022
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Day 0 / Day 100


In 2020, I did a Cycling Challenge for 100 days where I biked and walked and recorded my activity on Strava, that challenge was to stay physically active.

2021 didn’t go as planned as much as I would have wanted it to go, but let’s skip to the good part.

Today, as I am writing this I am beginning another challenge for myself — Front end challenge, I have been out of touch from Front end technology and have not really got a chance (read bothered) to work on Front-end, but as technology landscape is evolving its good to have some knowledge of front end framework be it Angular or React or Vue.

I strongly believe if you have a knowledge of end to end components, it helps you to think of better solutions in terms of how data will be consumed, if creating a single API is better or creating two APIs is a good way. Sure thing you can always read blogs and debate on which approach is better; however when you do things you start to make your own opinion and not just trust on some blogs, in our world its not one size fits all; different domains requires different technologies and hence different approach.

This is Day 0 where I am making my mind and getting ready, every day after I go through tutorials of React I would write what I have learnt that day; people say we have to be consistent, and what’s better way to stay consistent than writing and boasting to the world of your accomplishments.

See you tomorrow with first and Day 1 episode of React!