How riding a bike has taught me the meaning of perseverance

3 min readJan 15, 2022

It is Day 8/100 today and I spent sometime in priming my knowledge on classes and objects of typescript and how it will be used by Components that I will be making and designing in the coming days.

Coming to the heading part of this article, after I got my first job, the first thing I got myself is the bike(cycle).

Biking is one of the sports or activity that allows you to be yourself, take independent decisions, take risks (you can speed up as much as you want on downhill like a kid) and go as far as you want, the distance, speed, and breaks you want to take in between all depends on you.

After I got the bike, I decided to ride long distances, I do not consider myself very athletic, when I do ride long distances like 100+ kms, my brain and body wants me to quit at 30kms, as much as I would want to take u-turn at that point, an inside voice tells me ‘Abhishek you can do it, people here are doing it since ages, it’s nothing big’, this inner voice combined with the thought of that I have told my wife I won’t be home before 6 hours keeps me going.

When I reach 60-70kms, the same thing happens, and the same inner voice kicks in again. At that time, I start to take deep breaths, try to find beauty around me and I try to be in present and if I see another human I make sure to pass a smile, these little hopes makes me to reach farther and farther. One thing to note here is, I go on country sides, it’s gets very alone and meditative at the same time. The thought that I can quit starts to fade away because at 60–70 kms there is no way I can go back and I have to complete the circuit and remaining kms to reach home.

How has this taught me anything?

It has taught me no matter what, no matter the situation I am in, no matter how alone I am in my journey, there is only person who can help me and that is me. There is only me who can get me to destination I want to go, there is only me who can help me to get to where I would want to be. Of-course, there are friends and family, but the only thing that makes us keep going is our inner self the inner motivation, external factors can only push us forward like that downhill to speed up the things, but its only us who has to reach to that downhill, to reach to that place where others can support us.

As I am writing this on Day8/100. A part of me is telling me to quit, and I am blaming myself on why I have put this whole thing on linkedin, but a biker in me is telling me ‘Abhishek you can do it, everyone does it, so can you’ .

I hope to see you on Day 9/100 or I say at 9th Km.