Sometimes we can’t continue what we started and that is OKAY.

1 min readDec 15, 2022


I started 100 days of coding challenge when 2022 began and posted about it on Linkedin and boasted all over, however, you would notice that there are missing days, and I haven’t been posting here regularly. It’s because, I lost the motivation in posting about it, writing is hard! VERY hard!

If it would take me 30 minutes to learn about a topic, it would take 1–2 hours to put it together in words so audience can understand it.

The above is just one excuse of not posting it, the reality is I gave up in between, now, that year is ending, I would like to close this chapter of my life and start something new next year to try to not give up on it.

I am okay about writing about failures and giving up, what matters is if I have grown in other aspects of life after I gave up learning React, the answer to it is Yes.

I picked few things about Real Estate via virtue of my work, I picked up couple of things around Operations and Sales and how companies which relies on lead generations handles and manages them and what goes behind the scenes of a startup, I also got a chance to travel to Maldives and India, oh! I also picked up and got certified to ride and bike on track. :)

I hope to continue next year with something new and something exciting.