When I had a beer with neighbor in the snow

2 min readJan 19, 2022

Yesterday, we got some 20–30 centimeters of snow and this is how it looked from my window.

It was beautiful and everyone enjoyed it. Now comes the fun part, clearing the snow.

My neighbour and I share the driveway, while I was wrapping my work I saw him cleaning my part of drive way, because the only way he could remove snow from his driveway part was to first make some space from my area, seeing this I rushed to help him.

We both spent some hour and half to shovel the snow from our driveway. But you would think it’s done, no, not so easy!

Next day, you wait for trucks to clear up the roads, and when they do, they pile mountains of snow at the edge of your driveway again.

Today, that snow truck came and did what everyone was expecting.

In order to not let that mountain become hard rock, I again dressed up from toe to head to clean up the edge, and oh my ..it took me an hour to clear my side.

Then I started digging and chopping the pile of neighbour’s snow mountain, I only started doing it and my neighbour also came and joined me, while we were at it, other neighbours joined us to speed up the clean up, when I was about to take a rest and take a breath of success, my neighbour’s wife who was out with the Dog mentioned there was an old man shovelling on the other street intersecting with us.

We all 4 went to his place and started cleaning up, while we were just wrapping it up, the man whose driveway it was brought us some beers and cookies, I, to be honest like these kind of experiences and didn’t miss the opportunity to grab the beer, my neighbour whom I share driveway with also joined while other two had cookies.

All in all I am tired today and don’t think I can spend time in front of computer, no regrets though! I enjoyed the time with neighbours and had fun!

This was my Day 11/100.